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You can use this dashboard to help your search for a new property.

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The saved searches tab will show you all the searches you have saved. A saved search will let you come back to view new property listings with your given search parameters. For example if you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Burnaby you can save that search and quickly check for new listings or even get us to send you an email when new properties are listed.

Saved Listings

The saved listings tab will show all your saved listings. If you are interested in a few properties and want to save them to come back to later this gives you quick access to that.

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Not all things are created equal!

Choosing a real estate professional or group of professionals is very much an individual and UNIQUE choice.

Aside from the fact you need someone who knows the market inside out and is a great negotiator with excellent closing skills, you need to know your needs are being heard and met.  Finding all that can be a challenge so we like to make it easy for you!

We are a team of real estate advisors, award-winning REMAX realtors, with an excess of 35 years experience and satisfied clients.  Our difference?

We look at the big picture, YOUR big picture, so our service is 100% client focussed.  We ensure that our clients’ needs are first and foremost and that their expectations are met with ease.  We go above BEYOND whether you are buying your 1st home, relocating, downsizing, upsizing or looking to build an investment portfolio.

Our business has been built on repeat and referral business.  We establish and value ongoing relationships with our clients and our REMAX colleagues from around the world.  This means we can tap into real estate in over 100 countries!  It’s in the reach and depth of our CONNECTIONS.  It is true what they say about who you know!

INNOVATION plays a major part in our service. Lead generation, mobile apps, and digital marketing keep us ahead of the market and seeing trends before they unfold.  Our systems keep our clients informed, engaged and involved every step of the way.

#changeisintheair  We are stepping into a new era of real estate and while we pay homage to our roots – we are walking fearlessly into the future. #remaxhustle

Dez Tsourpi

Expertise in Greater Vancouver Real Estate
North Shore Resident
Top 10% of all Realtors in Greater Vancouver

Dez holds advanced degrees in Mathematics as well as Finance & Marketing and specializes in building Real Estate portfolios for clients looking to grow their holdings.

With a proven track record of successful returns, Dez draws on her education and experience consulting in residential and resort project marketing to provide clients with insight into the Real Estate Market and trends. The understanding of the markets and marketing provide confident direction for both the purchase of the 'right' property as well as the sale of a property with the ideal mix and timing of media exposure, pricing, and strategy.

Offering clients outstanding service and strong negotiating skills honed from over 20 years of sales experience, Dez's positive, thorough, and business-minded attitude provides clients with outstanding representation, honest consultation and visible results that have solidified her position within Vancouver's Real Estate and business communities.

Award Winning Service
TOP 10% of Realtors in Greater Vancouver
Medallion Club Member
RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member

Craig Veroni

I am an award-winning REALTOR and a top 50 Real Estate Video Influencer in North America for the past 3 consecutive years.

I advise clients in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Downtown, and Vancouver East & West.

I help clients make money and save money on every investment by deploying a formidable marketing strategy which I like to call "Selling your home like it's on an HGTV show!"

When I meet with clients my goal is the following: listen, understand, respect, and guide.

By doing this, I build lifetime relationships through understanding and respecting each client’s needs and wants, then delivering more than they expect.