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You can use this dashboard to help your search for a new property.

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The saved searches tab will show you all the searches you have saved. A saved search will let you come back to view new property listings with your given search parameters. For example if you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Burnaby you can save that search and quickly check for new listings or even get us to send you an email when new properties are listed.

Saved Listings

The saved listings tab will show all your saved listings. If you are interested in a few properties and want to save them to come back to later this gives you quick access to that.

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Buying Real Estate

Whether you are looking to buy your 1st home, your 2nd home, retirement home or an investment property choosing the right Realtor is an important decision you need to make before getting started. Real estate professionals do differ and ensuring the one for you is someone with the qualifications, knowledge and skills to get you to your goal of becoming the proud owner of real estate in Vancouver.

At you can trust that we have every aspect of the process covered from introducing you to properties that fit your needs to writing and negotiating an offer that will result in the best price, terms and conditions for you! As trusted advisors, we facilitate getting you the information you need to advance through each stage with confidence. You will be engaged, informed and an active participant in the process.

We love working closely with our clients, building great relationships and celebrating the wins. ‘I Love it, I Live it, I Sell it’ has been our trademark for over 15 years and it is still true today, real estate is our passion, our clients are our WHY.

1.   Where do you begin?

With a conversation, with us, about you!
Tell us who you are, what you want, what you need and when you need it by.
Then ask us how we can make that happen for you.

2.   Where do you go from there?

When you decide we are the right Realtors to do the job for you, we start the process of formalizing our agency relationship.

We make sure all our clients understand what the agency relationship means and how it benefits them. We outline and ensure the level of professionalism you can expect from us from the day we meet until the day you complete on your purchase and beyond!

Then the fun begins as we find suitable properties for you, view those properties and narrow down the search until we find the right one.

3.   Enjoy the ride!

The process of buying real estate is complex. It may feel somewhat like a roller coaster ride at times. That is normal and that is what why we are here, as RE/MAX agents we have the experience to get the job done in today’s market.

Writing and negotiating an offer on your behalf is where our skills shine through. Market and product knowledge, trends, influences and pricing are ever changing so being able to interpret those on a daily basis is key to writing a good offer for you. Building rapport with the Listing Agent helps us understand communication styles of them and the Sellers so we can effectively present your offer in the best light.

Once we have an accepted offer we have a ‘team’ of other professionals we work with to get you to the finish. If you need a mortgage specialist, building inspector, appraiser, lawyer, designer, contractor, architect or tradespeople we can provide trusted, qualified experts that can do the job you need. You are never out there on your own.

4.   The Finish

The day will come when you get the keys to your new home and we will be there to hand them over! We will make sure you have what you need as you come to the end of this journey and the start of a new chapter in your life.

Each year, we as RE/MAX agents, help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home. We love what we do!