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You can use this dashboard to help your search for a new property.

Saved Searches

The saved searches tab will show you all the searches you have saved. A saved search will let you come back to view new property listings with your given search parameters. For example if you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Burnaby you can save that search and quickly check for new listings or even get us to send you an email when new properties are listed.

Saved Listings

The saved listings tab will show all your saved listings. If you are interested in a few properties and want to save them to come back to later this gives you quick access to that.

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To save this listing for easy viewing in the future you must create an account or login to your account. You can do so by

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Making the decision to sell your home, investment or recreational property is a major life event for most people. It can be very exciting and daunting all at the same time. While we live in a world of ‘information overload’ we still need help navigating though it all. A good REALTOR can do just that for you and choosing one is the most important decision you will make around the process of listing and selling your property.

REALTORS do differ, as do their services, so you need to know the one for you is someone with the qualifications, knowledge and skills to get you the price, terms and conditions you want. Educating you and engaging you in the process is key as the working relationship between you and your REALTOR is a large part of the successful outcome.

Selling real estate in Vancouver is a complex process governed by the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia. Through the process of selling your home you will be asked to sign a myriad of forms and disclosures. Protecting and educating you throughout the process is a top priority… and it’s the law.

At you can trust that we have every aspect of the process covered, as trusted advisors we provide you with all the information you need to advance through each stage with confidence. You will be engaged, informed and an active participant in the process.

We love working with our clients, building great relationships and celebrating the wins! I Love it, I Live it, I Sell it! Has been our trademark for over 15 years and it is still true today, real estate is our PASSION and our clients are our WHY.